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  • Firearm Storage thumbnail

    Firearm Storage

    Protect your firearms by keeping them in a secure, fireproof safe. We have a variety of sizes and features to choose from. Safes are also great for protecting jewelry, cash and other valuable household items. learn more »
  • Flashlights thumbnail


    Westborn Gun Shop carries a wide variety of flashlights from different colors, sizes, and styles. Stop in and check them out! learn more »

  • Hearing and Eye Safety thumbnail

    Hearing and Eye Safety

    Westborn Gun Shop sells both hearing and eye safety items including safety goggles, earmuffs, and ear plugs. We also carry shooting gloves. learn more »

  • Hunting Equipment thumbnail

    Hunting Equipment

    At Westborn Gun Shop we have everything you need to make your next hunting trip successful. We carry the supplies you need and have experts on hand to answer your questions and help you devise strategies for making your trip successful. Let us help you score the big trophy. learn more »

  • Knives thumbnail


    From pocket knives to cutlery, personal security to hunting, tactical to camping and multi-tool, Westborn Gun Shop has it all. Our selection includes the top brands in the industry. Unsure what kind of knife would be best for your use? Ask our staff for help in selecting the right knife for your needs. In addition to our selection of knives, we also have cases and sharpeners, as well as other specialty items. learn more »
  • Shooting Range Equipment thumbnail

    Shooting Range Equipment

    Westborn Gun Shop has a variety of equipment for the shooting range including targets, ear and eye protection, and ammo. Come by and pick some up for yourself. learn more »